Community Run Telegram

Telegram will start out being a community run Telegram. Admin will be available at various times during the day to answer any questions. When Admin is not available, please leave the Admin a telegram message by starting “@BlockRewardsAdmin, I have a question…” and the Admin will try to answer you within 24 hours.

We’ll also open up a second Telegram channel for people wanting to discuss or ask questions about TVL or Rewards. The Main telegram will primarily be used to welcome New users or to answer any non-TVL or non-Rewards related questions that users may have. Please follow these guidelines to avoid the risk of getting banned.

Additionally, in the main Telegram channel, please help out New users with their questions (please go over these Gitbook docs first to get familiar with the project). If New Users feel helped or supported then they will be more willing to join and will bring in new funds into our TVL which in turn will help your own Daily Rewards.

More Project TVL(Total Value Locked) = More Daily Rewards for everyone.

Your Daily Reward is vaguely calculated as (Your Blocks/ All Blocks) * Contract Balance

2 simple ways to earn more daily rewards are:

  1. Compounding faster since your Blocks will increase faster than All Blocks

  2. If Contract Balance/ TVL increases (If Buying pressure is greater than Selling pressure from Existing Users)

The reason this is being shared here is to show you that YOU can make a difference in your own Daily Rewards. This telegram setup has empowered you. Treat New Users like a King!

If you see any other existing BlockReward holders starting to talk about TVL or Rewards in the main channel then kindly request them to do so in the 2nd Telegram Channel.

If you also feel that someone is abusing this newly granted telegram privilege and is providing wrong advice on purpose (e.g. scammers/impersonators), please interrupt the conversation to notify the new user. Also notify the admin at @BlockRewardsAdmin on Telegram. Upon review, the user can be banned.

To summarize: Main Telegram Channel: Welcome New Users or answer General Questions 2nd Telegram Channel: TVL or Rewards discussion/questions for Existing Users

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