For Binance Users

First of all, either download metamask extension for Chrome browser on Desktop/Laptop from or download the metamask app from app store on iphone. For metamask app please follow the directions here:

Next, create your metamask wallet. Please watch this video on how to do so or go over the binance academy link below.

Once your metmask wallet is ready, you’ll need to add ‘BSC Mainnet network’ to it. By default, metamask comes with ‘Ethereum Mainnet network’. Please follow the instructions in the following article: or watch the following youtube video:

The following are the current settings for BSC mainnet network to add for metamask. These can change, so please check on google for the most up to date ones.

Network Name: BSC Mainnet (You can call this whatever you want)


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

After adding BSC network to metamask, your wallet can receive BNB token.

From Binance exchange, send BNB token to your metamask wallet address while on BSC Mainnet. Make sure you send in BNB (Bep 20) token. Reference youtube video (

Once you receive your BNB token on metamask, please head over to Blockrewards website at and click on the Connect button to connect to metamask.

Under Deposit BNB, enter in the amount of BNB you want to deposit to buy blocks. Next, click ‘Buy blocks’. Congratulations, you have successfully bought Blocks!

After 24 hours, you can either compound again or sell your rewards. You may choose to even compound multiple times a day to compound and grow your Blocks even faster.

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