Who bears the Solution cost?

Who bears the cost of New Buyer Bonus, Referral Program & JTVL?

  • Existing Users bear the cost of both New Buyer Bonus & Referral program via increased inflation and payout from the contract (in the case of referrals). However, with a low daily return of only 3%, existing users should expect to see a boost in their rewards when new users join either via New Buyer Bonus or the Referral program

  • Sellers bear the cost of JTVL fee. Existing users are not involved. So, if the seller has a reward of $1000 and the JTVL fee is 15%, then the seller is paid out $850 and $150 goes to a separate JTVL wallet. JTVL fee will start at 2% and will increase when selling picks up and will decrease again when selling has subsided

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