Buyer Bonus

From time to time, a Buyer Bonus will be offered. This will be a Limited Time Offer to provide a Great Entry Point for anyone wanting to get in. Sample Buyer Bonus offers can range anywhere between 10% to 40%.

The amount of Bonus each individual is actually offered will vary though. It will depend on each individual’s current estimated daily reward and the bonus will only be offered on amount in excess of their current daily reward.

As an example, if user A has never invested in BlockRewards and is buying $1000 of Blocks when the Buyer Bonus is 40%, then user A will receive $1,400 worth of Blocks i.e. full 40% Bonus.

On the contrary, if user B who has a current estimated daily reward of $200 buys $1000 of Blocks, then the user B will buy $200 worth of Blocks at regular price and the rest $800 worth of Blocks at $40% Bonus. This should come out to be roughly ($200 + $800*1.4) $1,120 worth of Blocks.

Furthermore, if user C has a current estimated daily reward of $1500 and buys $1000 of Blocks, then the user will just buy $1000 worth of blocks at regular price. The user will not receive a buyer bonus.

This logic is implemented to disincentivize users from cashing out rewards to take advantage of a Buyer Bonus in place. Also, this will allow the New Bonus opportunity to be presented to users who currently do not enjoy high daily rewards or to brand new buyers.

The Buyer Bonus in action below

Below, we can see that without Bonus, 100 BNB would buy 29,943 Blocks. With the current 40% Buyer Bonus, the Buyer is able to buy 41,893 Blocks with the same 100 BNB. The Blocks amount you see on the button ‘BUY XXX BLOCKS’ will vary for each user and will depend on their current estimated daily reward.

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