Referral Rewards

In addition to Buyer Bonus, Referral Rewards % can be increased from time to time to provide an opportunity for Referrers to make good money by referring users. The default percentage will be 7% but this can be increased up to 20% or more to spur buying. The reason why we will be able to do this again is because of our low 3% APR which limits daily outflows. In addition, referrals will also increase inflation which will keep the contract value to marketeggs check in balance. Existing users are still expected to see an increase in their Rewards as new users join via referrals.

The Referral percentage can also be reduced temporarily for instance when a Big Buyer Bonus is in place. Referrer’s are encouraged to login to the website to check the current Referral rate from time to time.

The minimum number of referrals needed to start earning commission is 2. Meaning referrers will have to make a minimum of 2 referrals before they can start to make a commission with BlockRewards (i.e. 3rd one results in commission). This amount can change as well. When referrers login, they can see their referral count next to Referrals(X).

The referral commission is sent directly to the Referrer’s wallet in BNB as soon as the referrer buys the Blocks.

In addition, the Referrer will continue to get paid the % Referral commission every time the existing Referee buys more blocks. Also, once the referrer is set for a referee, it cannot be changed. Hence, referring users who repeat buying can be both lucrative and passive.

Please note, the referral commission is paid out of the contract itself and not in any way by the Referee. The Referree buys the blocks based on their full dollar value invested.

Our goal is to pay one of the highest referral rates in the market. We are also hoping that the existing decentralized Referral system will not be abused. If so, we also have a fallback to whitelist Referrals so we can continue to pay them top dollars for their valuable referrals.

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